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As Seen In LifeStyle – Daily Mail – 9th June 2008.

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Get ready for all that glitters at London Jewellery Week

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Highlights of the week include the launch of Bag, Borrow or Steal, from Hot Rocks Hire, where you can borrow costume jewellery from as little as £10 a weekend, allowing you to dazzle in statement pieces without breaking the

As Seen In In&OUT Tonight – London Lite – 9th June 2008.

As Seen In Jewellery – Financial Times – 14th June 2008.

See us in Cool Britannia:

New Designers Carving a Niche in London’s Jewellery Scene

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A new website offering gemmery on a rental basis – Hot Rocks Hire ( has also recently launched. The site was the idea of Jenny Pearson, who believes that an evening-long fling with the jewels that catch people’s eye can prove to be more than enough.

As Seen in LifeStyle – Daily Mail – 30th June 2008.

How to Fake a Designer Lifestyle.

See us under Design labels without the Design Prices.

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Jenny Pearson recently launched offering a huge range of upmarket and funky costume and semi-precious jewellery for rent.

"A couple of years ago I was shopping for an outfit for a party and saw the most fantastic necklace, but it was £300," she says.

"Could I afford it? Well, yes, but the question I kept asking myself was whether I could really justify spending it on yet another piece of jewellery that I'd wear just a couple of times."

And that was the inspiration behind Jenny's jewellery hire website, which offers the opportunity to buy membership at £50 per year or £7.50 per month and then rental on an individual basis, or to rent on a one-off basis at a higher rate.